How do I download a large number of files at once from FileFactory using DownThemAll! ?

Below is a brief guide on how to download a large number of files from FileFactory at once, without having to copy and paste links individually. Here we will be getting links from a folder, and putting them into the free FireFox plugin DownThemAll!, to allow the downloads to queue in that program and download one after the other.

For this process to work, you must have Direct Downloads AND TrafficShare switched to "ON" in your Account Settings page:

Firstly, make sure you are signed into your FileFactory account, then go to a folder URL in your browser. Here's an example of what a folder URL looks like:

The page will look something like this:


Click the box next to the filename of the files you wish to download. Your download links are instantly displayed as plain text in the box underneath the file listings:

Left click on the box containing the Plain Text Links to select them all. Then right click and select "Save Form Target with DownThemAll!":


The files will then be added to the DownThemAll! download queue and you can press start from within that program to begin the download process:





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