Why was my credit card payment declined?

We use a third party processor to screen all payments, and sometimes payments are declined for various reasons.

Usually the reasons are the address details not matching those of the card holder, a wrong credit card number of expiry date, or incorrect validation code. However unfortunately we do not get more specific feedback on what was actually wrong with your transaction.


 - In the name field, if you credit card says "Mr Paul Jones" or "Mrs Paula Jones" for example, drop the "Mr" or "Mrs" and simply write Paul Jones or Paula Jones 

- Please remove any unnecessary formatting such as apostrophes, commas and odd characters in your name and address details

- Please ensure that your zip code is filled out correctly - this is your postal code in other countries. If you do not have a zip code, try leaving it blank, or writing 00000

If your transaction attempts are continually declined, please try using another card

We are working on adding additional payment options to help you make payments more easily


We recommend 24Instant.com 

When you purchase an account from a reseller, they will email you a token code which you can redeem after you have signed into your FileFactory account. Please note that when buying through a reseller, they may not process your transaction immediately.

If you have a problem with a reseller or have not received your token code please contact the reseller directly through their support system.

You can see our list of resellers here:


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