What is FileFactory TrafficShare?

Use TrafficShare to let your users download like a Premium user for free.

TrafficShare is an option that allows free users to download your content as if they were Premium members.  That's right, no ads, no time limits or restrictions.

If enabled, you're allocated 100GB of TrafficShare data each month.  Anyone who visits your FileFactory links will be directed to your TrafficShare page, where they can download your file as if they were Premium user.
Once your TrafficShare data has been exhausted, all your links will return to their normal functionality.

How Do I Enable TrafficShare?

To enable TrafficShare, navigate to "Account Settings":


Set "TrafficShare" to "On".

Now, whenever someone clicks a link that you created, as long as you have not exhausted your data, they will be directed to your TrafficShare page!

Applying TrafficShare to specific folders

You can also enable TrafficShare on specific folders or files through the file manager. This is useful if you only want to provide TrafficShare for specific files in your account, rather than all files.

To do this for a folder, click the folder name and RIGHT CLICK to bring up the options. Then click SETTINGS and click "Enable TrafficShare".

Note: you can select several files at once and enable TrafficShare on all of them at the same time using this process.


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